Jisoo Lee
I received my bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering (with a minor in Computer Science) from KAIST in 2017. I completed my master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at KAIST in 2019 under the supervision of Prof. Sae-Young Chung.

I will be joining Mila and the University of Montreal for my Ph.D! Looking forward to my new journey XD
Research Interest

My research interest lies at the intersection of Machine Learning and Human-Computer Interaction. I would like to reduce the gap between ML research advances and their practical applications through human-centered ML algorithms. I am particularly interested in creating a system that enables human-ML interaction.
Research Experience

From Sep. 2019 to Jul. 2020, as a graduate researcher at the KAIST Interaction Lab, I worked on investigating obstacles to Human-ML collaboration with Prof. Juho Kim. Currently, I have been working on increasing the usability of programming-based moderation tools for online communities, with Prof. Juho Kim and Dr. Jean Y. Song. From Sep. 2016 to Feb. 2017, as an undergraduate researcher at the KAIST Robotics and Computer Vision Lab. I worked on enhancing classification performance of neural networks inspired by human behavior, under the supervision of Prof. In So Kweon and Prof. Tae-Hyun Oh.

Robust training with ensemble consensus (ICLR 2020)

Jisoo Lee and Sae-Young Chung

The motivational insight is “neural networks are hard to generalize low correlated instances”. We regard low correlated instances as noisy and removed them for robust training. We develop a method to identify such low correlated ones via ensemble consensus.

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I won the EE department outstanding TA award (EE807 Deep Reinforcement Learning and AlphaGo).

2017.3 ~ 2017.6 : Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, CS101 Introduction to Programming, KAIST
2018.3 ~ 2018.8 : Mentor, EE496 Individual Study, KAIST
2018.9 ~ 2018.12 : Teaching Assistant, EE807 Deep Reinforcement Learning and AlphaGo, KAIST
2019.3 ~ 2019.6 : Teaching Assistant, EE485 Philosophical issues in AI, KAIST

In 2012 and 2013, I was a member of the KAIST badminton club (K-Bird). In 2013, I served as a manager of the KAIST ball sports club division. In 2014 and 2016, as a member of the KAIST education service club (Midam), I participated in organizing and running programs for reducing educational inequality in Daejeon, and taught middle and high school students from low income families.

In Jul. 2016, as a participant of Immension Camp (so-called MAD camp), I prototyped five Android applications with my competent teammates. In Aug. 2016, I participated in a Hackathon hosted by Hyundai Motor Group with my lovely friends. We were selected as one of the top 11 and thus gave the presentation about our prototype. I made a website of the lab led by my master's advisor (Prof. Sae-Young Chung) for fun XD